“It was a pleasure to work with NFS on a series of short papers for the “Leadership in Development” resource corner on www.capacity.org. Your energy, commitment and expertise really motivated people to get involved and your papers were well-written and well-received. And although this wasn’t part of the assignment, you thought along about the strategic direction of the initiative and provided valuable comments and suggestions on how to take things forward.”
Lara Yocarini, UNDP New York (UNDP-SNV Netherlands Development Organisation Joint Venture)
“North-West Regional Energy Agency of Croatia (Regea) is dealing with CoM process a lot for the last 3 years and one of our main tasks is SEAP (Sustainable Energy Action Plan) preparation. REGEA already prepared 18 SEAP – mostly for Croatian cities but also for capitals in SE Europe: Skopje, Sarajevo and Podgorica. This workshop contributed positively, giving us the brand new ideas how to improve our SEAPs.”
Vesna Kollega, REGEA, ManagEnergy Capacity Building Workshop on development and financing Sustainable Energy Action Plans for the Covenant of Mayors – Croatia April 2011 Workshop
“The workshop was essential to guide me to successful implementation to a successful application for EIB ELENA financing.”
Workshop participant, Italy, ManagEnergy Capacity Building Workshop on the new European Investment Bank (EIB) ELENA (European Local Energy Assistance) Sustainable Energy Funding Facility, April 2010 Workshop
“Dear Bernardita & Sean,

I would like to thank you for all this time in Brussels and also in Munster. I really appreciated it. Whole training in Brussels has been a great opportunity for me not only to move forward with my business idea but also to improve my personal features. I feel much more confident and I guess that now, with all this knowledge that you have showed me, I may be more objective with marking mine own work. You also showed me how to be more pure and clear during presentation what I think is really important. It was really big pleasure and a great lesson in my life. I hope that we will meet again. Thank you!”

Ewelina Oleksiak, Brussels Boot Camp Coaching (Energy2B)
“Dear Sean,

Thank you all for training and overall support. In short I would say that I learned on the boot camp what is important when presenting a business plan, how to focus the idea and what are the most important points to present. In general I learned how to present any idea to anyone and that is something I didn’t get in the collage and I can use in everyday life .I believe that now I could present the idea to responsible parties (the grid operators) more efficiently and with more confidence. On the bases of the boot camp I have decided to try to make the patent. Although that I have already chosen the subject for my Master thesis I’m considering to prepare detailed business plan instead. Of course that it is beneficial also for other students in EU universities because it is not just learning, it is trying to make the difference and learn along with it. It somehow pulls you out from the collage system and gives you wider prospective.”

Gregor Androjna, Brussels Boot Camp Coaching (Energy2B)
“Dear Bernardita & Sean,

First I want to give you congratulations for all the effort of both, for making this competition a true success. This competition allowed me to understand my value and teach me how to use it in my professional and social life. Members of the organization of the project to share their experience on entrepreneurship awakened a skill which I did not know ... an “entrepreneurial vein”. In Portugal, I try to develop and improve my business idea, participating in events that allow me to make a pitch of the idea and spread it among enterprises in the same business area because one of my objectives is create the prototype and put the system into market. So, this Brussels boot camp was an AWESOME experience and which will mark my professional and social competences and my vision of job world. All young entrepreneurs should pass for this experience for their growth while entrepreneurs students. Keep up your excellent professionalism and passion for entrepreneurship. Thank you for all.”

Ricardo Leandro, Brussels Boot Camp Coaching (Energy2B)
“Hi Seán & Bernardita,

The boot camp in Brussels was quite fascinating, despite the fact that it lasted only one day.

During the training, I was able to develop an effective speech about my presentation and adjust several details in order to make it more clearly. Practicing during the boot camp made me feel more confident during my presentation in Munster.

The boot camp was also useful because I got feedback from the experts and also I learned more about possible ways to start-up this business, these advices helped me to think about the steps to follow to transform the business plan into an operative business.

I recommend the boot camp to other students in European Universities because is an easy way to improve several skills and learn from different experts.”

Jorge Paulo, Brussels Boot Camp Coaching (Energy2B)
“Dear Seán & Bernardita,

I would like to use this opportunity to thank you for the Brussels boot camp. It was a very useful event for me, because I had the chance to meet with other young entrepreneurs from other European countries and share many ideas and also receive feedback with them.

Erik Knol helped me a lot with creating a much better business presentation and his help was probably one of the reasons why Demir and I were able to make a great presentation in Munster and most importantly - find investors for our business idea.”

Velin Venkov Koychev, Brussels Boot Camp Coaching (Energy2B)