EU Grant Funding Advice
New Frontier Services provides ad-hoc advisory and support services to organisations wishing to understand how EU grant financing works and how to apply for such financing. These services can include workshops and presentations to understand the many different types of EU Grant funding programmes and funding mechanisms, which funding is relevant to your organisation and advice and support in developing a strategy to successfully access EU grant financing.
Examples of our recent work
Provided training for Korean Researchers at the Stanhope Hotel in Brussels. In depth information and guidance was given to these researchers on a number of aspects of proposal development for FP7. The guidance was provided via a presentation which focused on different aspects of improving proposals for FP7, including development of identity, how to see a proposal from an evaluator's perspective, and how to maximise scoring potential.
New Frontier Staff provided advisory services on strategy and EC funding for project concept regarding Chinese Medicine. The beneficiary was a consortium of Italian and Chinese research institutes and hospitals, with a particular focus on leveraging the potential of Chinese natural medicine solutions.