frontierCities2 - European Cities driving the Future Internet

December 2016

New Frontier Services, coordinating and in partnership with the following organisations ENGINEERING -INGENERIA INFORMATICA SPA, University of Surrey, INNOVA BIC, S3Transportation, Smart Transport Alliance and H3B Media, had signed the Grant Agreement no. 732947. frontierCities2 – Another Level of Impact responds to the strategic opportunities to take FIWARE deployment in European cities to another level. The fC2 project builds on an expanding network of 45 cities already trialling or deploying FIWARE-enabled solutions and expands the successes of the current frontierCities2 accelerator. frontierCities2 services will include: i) a widened Smart Cities scope; ii) a strengthened Grantee Acceleration Programme; iii) an Outreach Service to FI-PPP P2 & P3 research results; iv) a dedicated Financing and Partnerships Acceleration Service; and v) a new Cities Programme dedicated to supporting and developing the network of cities trialling and deploying FIWARE-enabled solutions. About the Open Call The frontierCities Calls for smart mobility will be launched the February 2017. i) For the fC2 Market Acceleration Sub-grant, a minimum of EUR 25,000 and a maximum of EUR 75,000 will be allocated. ii) For the fC2 FI-Tech Development and Acceleration Sub-grant, a minimum of EUR 40,000 and a maximum of EUR 75,000 will be allocated